LH2 storage tanks

Liquid Hydrogen storage tanks design

LH2 storage tanks design is a challenge for stationary and on-board application. It remains one of the most critical challenge for developing a hydrogen transportation ecosystem.

Our liquid hydrogen storage tanks use state-of-the-art materials & insulation solution. 

Thanks to Absolut System cryogenic expertise, we offer innovative storage with zero boil-off management systems to limit LH2 loses in the tanks and during transfer.

Innovative process and technologies can be set-up considering a precise know-how of the LH2 behavior in the tanks and during transfer. Moreover, we increase performance and reliability.

In addition, we can conduct thermo-hydraulic analysis to define new tank refill standards for on-ground and in-air liquid hydrogen pressure and temperature optimization. 

Cryogenic boil-off management

Liquid hydrogen has been a mastered technology for decades in the space industry. However, in order to be used for industrial and day-to-day applications, we need to tackle some drawbacks linked to vapor boil-off generation.

The boil-off phenomena is resulting from the liquid warming up and transitioning to vapor state. Traditionally, it is dealt with by venting the gas to the air to avoid overpressure in the tank.

Most importantly, using the best thermal insulation technology is particularly necessary to reduce evaporation in the liquid hydrogen storage tanks.

Absolut Hydrogen offers adapted boil-off management solution regarding the infrastructures. These solutions are directly inspired by technological solutions developed for space missions:

  • Long-duration space mission with liquid hydrogen tanks.
  • Innovative cryogenic storage : optimisation of boil-off depending on use cases.