Absolut Hydrogen

An Absolut System spin-off company


Reinventing the mobility sector through hydrogen fuel energy.

The transport industry needs to be profoundly transformed to achieve carbon neutrality. Absolut Hydrogen enables energy transition, providing innovative tailor-made solutions. Hydrogen is an efficient fuel for use in vehicles (ground or air) but faces several storability constraints.

Absolut Hydrogen gives each customer the technological capabilities to define the optimal solution to efficiently achieve energy transition in their market, without being captured by gas and petroleum majors. We co-operate with each customer to reinvent tomorrow’s eco-responsible transport economy using renewable energy such as hydrogen.

Absolut Hydrogen believes in a decentralised green hydrogen production and will supporour customers to use this locally produced efficient energy vector. Hydrogen is a good complement to renewable electricity production, it will avoid an electrical connection to the grid and will be a good way to master low and high phases of renewable electrical production.

h2 Infrastructures

Engineering services for H2 infrastructures within each transport value chain

Thanks to our various areas of expertise, existing and future, we provide global turnkey solutions, tailored to each value chain. Our goal, through a strong commitment, is to offer smarter and more effective solutions, based on a deep understanding of the market and its current and future challenges.


Absolut Hydrogen is answering technological needs through innovative products.


We develop Liquid Hydrogen Storage tank with new-generation thermal insulation technologies.

With expertise in cryogenic thermal management, we conceive custom-made outdoor and on-board LH2 storage tanks. Absolut Hydrogen can offer zero boil-off during storage and H2 transfer.


We provide innovative and exclusive products for liquid to liquid and liquid to gas refueling systems, designed for your needs.

With an innovative thermodynamic compression for gaseous hydrogen refueling stations, Absolut Hydrogen solves the problem of the expensive compressor.


Absolut Hydrogen offers on-board thermal management solutions for various applications such as drones, VTOL, trucks etc. Thanks to our expertise in cryogenic systems through Absolut System, we can conceive onboarded storage and thermal equipment with LH2/GH2 synergies.