h2 supply chain

Every sector has its own requirements and need. 

We devise the optimal hydrogen supply chain configuration.

We act to create a virtuous and circular ecosystem without energy lost, in a world driven by rising energy costs and a better awareness of energy savings to address global warming. Hydrogen will gradually economically compete and then replace conventional fossil energies.

Today, commercial applications are limited but the demand will grow extremely quickly. The production, storage and distribution of hydrogen through liquid state will be mandatory to expand commercial applications.

A solution for each supply chain

Our mission is to provide a solution for each value chain with innovative technologies to decarbonize all transport sectors.

We take care of the definition and optimization of the entire supply chain for all types of hydrogen applications: mobility, on-site energy production, energy transportation for hydrogen powered transport.

Absolut Hydrogen is adapting existing technologies and developing tailored equipment based on your specific value chain. In order to optimized reliability and cost-effectiveness, we try to minimize hydrogen flows and bring hydrogen production, storage and use as close as possible, depending on on-site logistic & economical constraints. 

Hydrogen technologies

With our liquid hydrogen and cryogenic expertise, skills and partnerships, we deliver smart, affordable and innovative hydrogen technologies.

Absolut Hydrogen delivers differentiated hydrogen equipment and engineering services turn-key solutions for your hydrogen projects. 

Nevertheless, actual LH2 technologies are relatively mature and a new hydrogen supply chains is emerging. H2 infrastructures are complex to integrate if the entire process isn’t taken into account. Absolut Hydrogen deals with liquid and gas hydrogen end-to-end supply chain. For your on-site direct hydrogen production and use, we can deal with different technology providers and manage complicated implementation.