h2 Storage &

Absolut Hydrogen have a unique experience in cryogenic coolers conception and fabrication. We optimize liquid hydrogen storage and distribution.

On-ground & on board storage

Absolut Hydrogen tends to become a leading company in the area of liquid hydrogen storage for on-ground and on-board use.

Absolut Hydrogen offers solutions to optimize H2 storage and distribution of hydrogen within the entire ecosystem. We create a virtuous cycle of hydrogen in liquified and gaseous forms.

  • Currently, we are working on various concept of innovative, complex, liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft and drones systems.

Our LH2 Storage Tank

Our LH2 storage tank offer zero boil-off systems. We reduce subsequently gaseous loss, thanks to a reliquefaction system developed byAbsolut System.

Our storage tanks are fully equipped with all needed systems:

  • Temperature management system
  • Pressure & level sensors
  • Maximum security (safety valve, pressure transducers…)
  • Mass flow meter adapted to cryogenic conditions


We reduce gas losses, thanks to a reliquefaction system developed by Absolut System.
In addition, we develop innovative storage solutions depending on on-site requirements and use in order to optimize rentability and limit boil-off. Our research and development engineering teams can adapt or create various tank’s systems to cater hydrogen for on-site’s future needs.

GH2 & LH2 distribution

Absolut Hydrogen offers solutions to optimize distribution of hydrogen within the entire ecosystem.

On-site implementation advantages

On-site hydrogen fuel production transport and storage is the optimal implementation option.

Our goal is to help you lower your emission from production to on-site implementation and distribution in order to maximize advantages. 

This is the best cost-effective solution, with a high level of independency. You can produce, store the quantity required for your infrastructure and limit transport cost at the same time.

With strong partnerships Absolut Hydrogen is devising on site implementation from definition to operation:

  • Specify the hydrogen supply chain specific needs.
  • Procedures, security management and deployment plan.
  • Component and technological procurement, installation and training.
  • Support to operation.

Hydrogen refueling infrastructures

Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) are currently using compressors : costly pieces of equipment requiring maintenance and not free from failure.

Above all, innovative process and technologies can be set-up considering a precise know-how of the liquid hydrogen behavior in tanks and during transfer.

Firstly, for liquid filling, Absolut Hydrogen provides liquefaction and cryogenic management systems for all kind of distribution infrastructures.

Secondly, for gas filling, we also provide a new thermodynamic compression system. Our technology (patent pending)  removes your need of costly compression systems with multiple advantages.

Advantages of using a cryogenic thermodynamic compression system:

  • To highlight the notion of hydrogen hubs : providing liquid and compressed hydrogen.