About us

About Absolut Hydrogen

Our mission is to provide advanced technologies and smart solutions for devising a new hydrogen ecosystem.

Transport economy must be redefined, and the use of new low-carbon energies should become the norm by 2030. Therefore, Absolut Hydrogen is involved in the definition of this new economy by promoting short circuits, on-site hydrogen production and the use of liquid hydrogen as fuel for the mobility sector.

Absolut Hydrogen is a French engineering & industrial SME based in Grenoble. In response to the climate emergency,  we devise innovative solutions by building a circular, profitable and low carbon economy. Thanks to our technological skills and know-how around hydrogen we have all the resources to design complete and customized solutions.

With its high expertise, Absolut Hydrogen is an active hydrogen market player, engineering tomorrow’s innovations on various field. With work experience on liquid hydrogen for supercars and several ongoing projects, mainly linked to space industry, our objective is to provide everyday smarter and efficient overall solutions.

Absolut Hydrogen belongs to the ASTech Innovation Group and benefits from all the know-how and technologies developed by Absolut System, expert in cryogenic systems. 


Understand earth | Devising future

With vision and ambition, ABSOLUT companies develop key technologies needed to define a more sustainable future. Our teams innovate every day to provide innovative and global solutions for tomorrow. Our objective is to provide engineering services through our expertise in cryogenics, from R&D to manufacturing, driven by a close relationship with each customer through our subsidiaries :

Absolut System : Innovative custom cryogenic engineering solutions and systems.

Absolut Sensing : Greenhouse gas monitoring, data analysis for precise planetary understanding.

Absolut Hydrogen : Services and products using liquid hydrogen.

Most of our products and engineering solutions cannot be found off-the-shelf. Indeed, they combine the exclusive know-hows of our affiliated companies.

We develop overall solutions for a wide range of fields, in close collaboration with our customers, based on rigorous, specific, and complex requirements.

Around the world, in close cooperation customers to optimize and find solutions with efficient, reliable and smarter technologies. With our portfolio of services and products, combined with continuous improvement loop principles (leading to incremental and disruptive innovations) we address performancetime, and quality challenges on complex projects for:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Earth observation
  • Mobility and Energy transition
  • Industrial and Science technologies

Shareholder of Absolut Group, Vol-V has been working for more than 20 years in renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic and biomethane) focusing on 3 area:

  •  The energy transition with the promotion of different forms of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.
  • The ecological transition with the preservation and improvement of biodiversity on earth.
  • Support for the innovation of technologies or processes that contribute positively and sustainably to societal and environmental challenges.