Liquid Hydrogen will enable the next step towards more sustainable transports.

The emergence of a new economy around liquid hydrogen and its management for transport is essential to meet the need for autonomy, risk and sizing requirements. At Absolut Hydrogen we believe that liquid hydrogen is currently the most practical state for hydrogen mobility development for lots of application. Absolut Hydrogen gives each customer the technological capabilities to access liquid hydrogen supply, thanks to its expertise in cryogenics.

  • Liquefaction of LH2 is necessary to contain a larger mass in a smaller volume, allowing for longer distances to be driven without reducing cargo space, suiting better practical and economical needs.


Production capacity from 10 to 100kg/day

Absolut Hydrogen provides high density and standardize hydrogen at all time and place using a mobile hydrogen liquefier able to adapt at the last minute and everywhere but also to give maximum autonomy, limiting boil-off and loss.

Liquid hydrogen has special physical properties and expands even when only slightly heated up. Absolut Hydrogen mobile liquefier provides the best options to keep maximum density and security while transports are stopped. In addition, using a mobile liquefier allows to recover GH2 and LH2 leftovers but also to create a virtuous loop within the tank, maximizing LH2 density and guaranteeing greater autonomy.

As a result, Absolut Hydrogen mobile liquefier technology leads to repeatable filling at a nominal density close to 70kg/m3, and a low pressure. Perfectly adapted for any intensive transports such as aircrafts, ships, trucks and forklifts.

Using a mobile liquefier station from Absolut Hydrogen:

  • To provide high density and standardize hydrogen at all time and place;
  • To be able to adapt at the last minute and everywhere;
  • To give maximum autonomy while stopped, limiting boil-off and loss.

Decentralized liquefier

From 1T/day 
Adaptable to hard-to-reach areas

Absolut Hydrogen aims to meet the challenge of accessing on-site production of decarbonized hydrogen in large quantities, with a reduction in OPEX, to supply green hydrogen at fossil fuel prices and accelerate energy transition.

This hydrogen liquefier enables the storage of large quantities of hydrogen in a limited space, which makes it possible to decentralized production of liquid hydrogen very close to production or distribution hubs. Thanks to its compactness, low maintenance costs, high availability and size, Absolut Hydrogen liquefier is ideal for remote areas. With an electrolyzer-liquefier coupling, it allows to obtain a short circuit source of LH2. Directly connected to renewable electricity generator (solar/wind), our solution gives you access to green LH2.

Using a 1T/ day decentralized liquefier :

  • Facilitate green hydrogen production and distribution.
  • Maintenance-free liquefier with or without external cold power.